Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valentine's Day Thoughts

Valentine’s Day… is it a day to be reminded that you are loved or is it a day to remind you that you are lonely? Well I don’t know.

My boyfriend sent me some flowers and a card. I really liked it and I was so happy. The flowers were so pretty and they probably cost a lot of money. The day went on and I really had a great day. Suddenly someone knocked on my door and the one I go to internship together with gave me a little pink bag with a card and some chocolate. I really didn’t expect that and I don’t know how to put it, but I think that things mean more if you don’t expect it at all.

Later that day I went to the movie together with my friends and of course we saw Valentine’s Day. It was funny to see all the balloons and flowers the girls had. There were no men walking around with any of those things. I think it’s funny that we ladies scream out for justice and want everyone to be treated equal. But we still expect our boyfriends, husbands and dates to pay for us and make us feel like queens and princesses. ϑ We want it all.

On a day like this I think that a lot of men don’t feel that they have the opportunity to give their date what they want. Maybe the people who are gay or lesbian make it a competition between themselves? Maybe to show who has the most money? And for women this day is all about getting a date or getting some flowers and chocolate.

I have always thought that a good Valentine’s Day for me was to get some get some flowers from someone who is gay, lesbian or a different sexual orientation than I am or that someone took me to a restaurant. After the movie I realized that your Valentine doesn’t have to be the “hottest” guy or someone with a lot of money. It could be your friends, your grandma, or your child. It just has to be someone who makes you feel good, one you like to hang out with or one you like to be quiet with. As long as you feel good around the person. Love has no borders. Only you decide what love is for you.

Love Camilla



  1. I really like your outlook on this topic. I do kind of see Valentine's day being all about the girl most of the time but I have seen couples who split the gifts evenly. I also like how people can celebrate the day with friends and family because it is still celebrating that connection, it is not just about couples.

  2. I know how Valentine's Day can either be really special or really horrible for most people who celebrate it or want to. I also saw the movie Valentine's Day and thought it was interesting how they portrayed love and finding it. I agree that your "Valentine" doesn't have to be your significant other, but just someone you love. It is a nice day to be able to have an excuse to do something romantic with your partner, but that doesnt mean it has to be with them. I think as American's we have hyped this holiday up way more than it should have been. Like they say it is a retail holiday because they can get people to pay a ton of money for those flowers and jewelery because yes, us women do want them. I think we need to have a reality check with this holiday and remind people that it's about the love and affection, not the gifts.

    (Leah Jacobson)

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  4. I appreciated what you said about a valentine and how that person doesn't have to be your lover, but can really be anyone. Personally I don't really like Valentines day because I don't think there should be a specific day where the one you love is obligated to show his/her love to you. I think that it would be more special when you receive presents and such when you least expect it like you said. But like Leah said it is a retail holiday.

    -Alicia Fowler

  5. Wow, you threw me off here. I just realized that Valentines day isn't just about your partner and you, but about all of those whom you love. Personally, When the phrase "VALENTINE" comes up, I imagine it to be a romantic day, which is spent with your love partner, however after reading your blog, it sent me a huge message. Maybe next year I'll just spend Valentines Day with my family; those whom care for me most.

    Blia Lee

  6. I really like your view on Valentine's Day, to be completely honest i've always looked at it as a day for couples to express how they feel for one another but now that you posted this it gave me a whole new outlook on things. I'll be sure to celebrate Valentines day with both family and friends rather than just one person.

    -Nicole Gorr