Saturday, April 10, 2010

Discrimination Against Obesity

While searching online through interesting articles I came across one that really stood out to me. The article is called “For Obese People, Prejudice in Plain Sight” found in the New York Times. It’s something that’s been brought to my attention a lot lately. People are all talking about how obesity is rising in America yet I haven’t heard much about obesity in the work place until now. The article goes on to explain people’s discriminatory actions, including this one said by Dr. Delos M. Cosgrove, who is a surgeon and a chief executive of the Cleveland Clinic. He told a New York Times Columnist that if he could legally get away with it, he would refuse to hire anyone who is obese. The moment I read that I was instantly appalled. If someone were to say the say the same thing only involving skin color, or sexual orientation, class status, or any other identities we learned about, he would probably be in huge trouble. But the comment was seen to be taken lightly which in my opinion isn’t okay. People seem to think that when people are obese, it’s all their fault and it’s more of a personal choice. This makes people think it’s okay to be more outspoken on the issue and say whatever they want to no matter how offensive it is, which in my opinion is really wrong.

-Nicole Gorr


  1. I have heard many cases where people have claimed that obesity is all the persons fault because its "A personal choice." However, when I watched the movie, which you might of herd about called Super Size Me by Morgan Spurlock, it had a great point. It points out that when one reaches a certain point of eating they cannot eat little amounts because their body does not feel satisfied it becomes more than just a personal choice of a person. It becomes an addiction of eating food. I think that this Dr. Delos M. Cosgrove lacks the knowledge of what it is like to be and have obesity. Because if he did recognize that it was more than just personal choice, but an addiction I think that he would have never of stated such a hurtful statement.

    -Amy Kallevig

  2. I truly believe that discrimination against obese people is the last socially acceptable form of discrimination. Being a plus size girl, I have faced this throughout much of my life. Little things such as not being able to find stylish clothes at the mall is something that is hard for obese people. However, I am torn on the issue of whether or not its something we can control. As someone who has tried to lose weight, I know how difficult it is. But I also know that my food choices and lack of activity have attributed to my body size and shape. However, whether its a personal choice or not, it is important that we treat obese people like human beings.